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The Impact of Successful End of Year Graduations & Academic Award Ceremonies

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There’s nothing like a graduation ceremony or awards ceremony to celebrate life’s most important accomplishments- and how to turn that climactic moment of achievement into a lasting memory.

For universities, colleges, private schools, secondary and primary schools (high schools and public schools), and all other educational institutions alike, end of year events like graduation ceremonies and award ceremonies are major milestone events for students, teaching professionals, families and friends. It’s a time for the school community to come together to celebrate the efforts and success of the students throughout the year.

Across the board, these academic events typically congratulate both school students, teachers and university professors, by recognising and honouring their outstanding achievements and contributions throughout the year.

Today, Private High Schools and Public High Schools of Australian and New Zealand are known to use Dux Coins to award the top academic student in a school. School Leavers Coins and Graduation Coins are increasingly used to celebrate success at end of year student graduations and school leavers awards ceremonies.

Custom designed to reflect the school branding, insignia, colours and logos- along with mottos and dates- these striking Commemoration Coins are specially minted and always deliver a huge sense of occasion and accomplishment to the recipient.

Dux Coins and Graduation Coins are often beautifully packaged in a keepsake box that also reflect the school’s brand, providing a special treasured keepsake. From the bright gleam of classic gold coins, silver coins, bronze coin colours and very popular layered metallic finishes and enamels, they create a Wow! moment that ensures these tokens of
success are admired by everyone at the graduation awards and for years to come.

Increasingly, award ceremonies often go beyond focusing on academic achievements to include recognition of community service, leadership, sporting excellence, involvement in extracurricular activities, institutional or organisational participation, and so much more.
For academic event organisers, it’s about making those special graduation and ceremonial moments memorable and unforgettable. Such a responsibility is loaded with important decision making and complex logistics, that require pinpoint organisation skills to create an
impactful event!

Organise Successful Award Ceremonies with Badges & Medals

At Badges & Medals, we believe that everyone who reaches their full potential deserves a reward. One that matches their accomplishments, efforts and successes. And it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Carefully crafted graduation and award memorabilia like custom badges, challenge coins, and medals have an inherent value and symbolism to recipients that is difficult to overestimate.

The hours and hours that students and teachers pour into their work is almost immeasurable. And so, rewarding the outcomes of that energy exchange with a tangible award is an incredibly simple yet powerful token of recognition of that individual’s achievement – whilst simultaneously upholding the the prestige and spirit of your school.

Our distinguished, bespoke badges, challenge coins and medals are designed and fabricated to inspire, encourage and ignite pride within the award recipient. It’s not every day you attend a ceremony and receive acknowledgement for your hard work!

That’s why Badges & Medals exists. To simplify the gift of celebrating those big wins and big life moments.

Badges & Medals have custom designed and manufactured more than 100,000 award badges, custom medals and custom coins to students, teachers and education staff across Australia and New Zealand.

We are nationally renowned for our streamlined and sophisticated design and manufacture process which is tailored to speed and the highest quality. When you engage Badges & Medals you receive undivided attention with a dedicated personal account managers,
backed by custom coin design expertise, internationally recognised manufacturing standards and ethical sourcing, and unmatched support from end to end.

Badges and Medals is all about build lasting partnerships with our key stakeholders – government bodies, the design community, our valued staff, events and organisers and our manufacturing partners. We believe developing a great improving culture is the catalyst for ongoing success for all of us.

Our mission is simple: To help you recognise and celebrate success.