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7 Key Considerations for Ordering Medals for Summer Sporting Events

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There’s nothing like a sporting event to unite everyone together and convert those fulfilling moments of achievement into lasting memories- whether it’s community fun run, marathon or charity sporting events, sports camps, tournaments, team or individual sports, or strict competition itself.

From the breathless excitement of a podium finish to awards and prizes for participation, performance and recognition of success, the finish is just as important as the journey.

For sporting event organisers, building a strong event status, attracting a strong media profile and top competitor turnout, and making those special moments unforgettable is vitally important – from a podium finish through to a participation award metal.

Much like the time and effort of competitors in planning and training for an event, the responsibility of sports event planners is loaded with important decision-making and complex logistics, that require pinpoint organisational skills to get over the finish line!

All sports events have their challenges- but the energy and passion of competitors must be justifiably rewarded! At Badges & Medals, we believe that everyone who participates in a sporting event deserves a reward that matches their accomplishments, efforts and successes. And it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Awarding medals may be a small part of your project, but they are a vitally important milestone of any sports event. That’s why we’ve complied 7 Key Considerations for Ordering Medals for Summer Sporting Events, to help take the pressure out of ensuring those climactic moments are forever memorable!

1. Consider Custom Medals for That Extra Wow-Factor

Custom designed medals are a surefire way to take the presentation and representation of your sporting event to new heights. As a sporting event organiser, the satisfaction you experience while standing alongside your participants as they receive their one-of-a-kind custom medals is truly inspiring.

There’s simply no comparison to a custom medal. Custom medals have an innate ability to help your event stand out from other competitions and events, increase name recognition, add more professionalism. Become known for unique custom medals and extend your events exposure in the media by offering high perceived value awards.

Awarding custom medals with high-quality personalized ribbons to your participants and winners is often one of the most defining aspects of your event.

2. Find a Company offering Personalised Medal Design Expertise & Support

Good design is critical to the quality of your end result. Use a turnkey provider who offers customised medal design that understands your requirements and personalises your medals to suit the needs of your event.

An experienced design team should be able to develop striking and distinctive medal designs from your sport and event logos, to help position and market your brand, sending a powerful cue that you value your event participants- also speaking volumes about the the quality of your offering as a sports event organiser.

3. Consider the Value of Medals Vs Cheap Alternatives

From the iconic Olympic medals to the cheap medals found online, the quality of medals ranges from premium to poor quality. Investing in premium medals proves itself worthwhile in both the short and long term. The quality of the metal, durability, the minting and finishing processes can vary widely and the results are obvious for all to see.

As we’ve said before, custom event medals have the innate ability to elevate events and sporting programs, and improve the way that your event is perceived by the public eye.

4. Determine the Turnaround & Delivery Times

Get a clear understanding about the turnaround times and delivery times that are estimated by your preferred medal designer manufacturer company.

Some companies have longer wait times than others due to the limited capacity of their operations. The overall delivery time can differ a lot between medal suppliers. Consider also freight and logistics- when, where and how do medals arrive to the event? We recommend you engage the supplier as early as possible to avoid delays and secure your order on time.

5. Consider the Value of a Premium Grade Medal

Don’t settle for less than they deserve. Put simply, the quality of a custom-made medal should match the quality of the event you are organising.
With different grades of metal available, be sure to consider the value of premium grade finishes like polished custom metal medals, the use of precious metals (copper, brass, nickel silver, gold and sterling silver) which are often used for gold medals, silver medals, bronze medals, heavyweight die struck copper-based medals or cast medals, engraved medals.

Nothing beats the feeling of presenting a premium medal with a glowing metal

6. Consider Participation Medals for Large Sporting Events

Accolades for participating have been around much longer than the internet, and for good reason. We believe sporting event participants shouldn’t just be rewarded solely for their wins, but also for overcoming their fears, facing personal challenges, overcoming obstacles, hardships, and pushing themselves to be their best.

Besides the fact that participation and commemorative medals are a well-known incentive for attracting sponsors and increasing your event participation registrations. Participation medals have been scientifically proven to positive reinforcement, self-confidence, higher self-esteem, a sense of community participation, and achievement in the act of being a part of your esteemed sporting event.

Participation medals and commemorative have become particularly popular in major sporting events of all ages like fun runs, marathons, running events, trail running, cross country, triathlons, cycling, mountain biking, athletics, swimming, diving, and so much more.

Everyone in your event has been on a journey, why not reward that with something amazing.

7. Engage the Globally Recognised Professionals – Badges & Medals

Badges & Medals is on a mission to change the way sporting events are recognised through exceptional design and delivery, creating wow moments wherever we go! When you engage Badges & Medals you receive undivided attention with a dedicated personal account managers, backed by custom medal design expertise, internationally recognised manufacturing standards and ethical sourcing, and constructive support from end to end.

Four Reasons to Choose Badges & Medals as Your Trusted Medal Partner

  • World leaders in custom insignia design
  • Dedicated account management
  • We help save our oceans with sustainable packaging options
  • Proven track record