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Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are one of the most coveted ways to recognise and commemorate success and achievement within any organisation; a highly customisable token that displays intent and tells a story.

Challenge coins are small, metal coins that fit in the palm of your hand. They are typically made of metal, and every coin has a unique design that belongs to the organisation it represents.


The design options for your challenge coins are almost endless!

Choose your custom shape to be plated with one (or two!) of our fifteen plating options including antique finishes to build the look and feel that best reflects your brand. We will then build out the design with raised and recessed details, a kaleidoscope of enamel fill colours options and include 3D features or cut outs to make your coin stand out.


Widely used among the armed forces as a traditional token of recognition, the use of custom challenge coins has grown exponentially beyond the defence forces to include public servants of the police force, fire brigades, ambulance, emergency response, and many other esteemed public service roles around the world.

Challenge coins are also used widely by businesses, education and sporting organisations to represent accomplishment and recognition. 

Key attributes
  • Highly customisable

  • Quality die-cast metal
  • Create collective loyalty
  • Recognise and honour members

  • Preserve traditions

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