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Custom Event Medals

Our Custom Medals are quality products made from superior materials with endless design options – this is what you need to increase registrations for your events. Let us take care of the entire process for your and give you the opportunity to hand out medals that amaze and delight!


The design options for your medal are almost endless. Choose your custom shape to be plated with one (or two!) of our fifteen plating options including antique finishes to build the look and feel that best reflects your brand. We will then build out the design with raised and recessed details, a kaleidoscope of enamel fill colours options and include 3D features or cut outs to make your medal stand out.


Custom Medals are our way to help you to create ‘WOW’ moments for your events and increase registrations. Everyone who participates in your events deserves a reward that matches accomplishment and success and the feeling of receiving a high-end quality custom medal will live on as long as the flavor of success.

Key attributes
  • Highly customizable
  • Quality die-cast metal
  • Celebrate Success

  • Increase Event Registration

Get in touch with us to discuss your free design.