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Government Insignia

Government uniform insignia represents the rank and role of the wearer within the public service or military. Design is stipulated by the Government and must be manufactured to reflect an accurate representation of authority, rank, and organisational structure, and to help maintain order and respect for the rule of law within various branches of the government.


The design of uniform insignia for government is distinctive and unique. Design is curated over many years to reflect the true value of each department and what they represent. The intricate design of badges for each regiment are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure even the smallest details are accurately included.


Government insignia components serve many purposes across the industry. The practical insignia such as buttons and belt buckles must deliver on quality and functionality, while the more decorative badges identify the regiment or corps and must be an accurate representation of the service they provide for the country.

Key attributes
  • Trusted Supplier

  • Adhere To Brand And Uniform Guidelines

  • Superior Manufacturing of Intricate Designs

  • High-Quality, Durable Materials

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