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Make your event memorable

Award medals that create WOW! moments

We have created over 5 million event medals.
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If these cost the same… What would you PREFER?

There are many ways to improve your medal design without increasing the cost.

Increase your registrations with medals that amaze and delight.

Everyone who participates in your event deserves a reward that matches the accomplishment and success.

You need a high-end, quality medal that is far from boring! And you want it all handled with as little fuss as possible.

Do you know all the steps to creating an epic medal?

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Who’s a manufacturer I can trust?

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How can I guarantee quality control to avoid errors and defects?

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What is the timeframe for manufacturing?

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Who’s going to design my medal? Oh and my ribbons?

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Can I get similar samples to check weights, detail and finishes?

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Peace of mind that medals will be delivered on time so I can carry on organising my event?

This is what SUCCESS looks like:

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Less stress… beautiful designs…

Delivered on time and under budget.

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You no doubt run a very busy schedule.

Let us look after this small but vitally important part for you.

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