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Our Impact

Endorsing Sustainability through our Environmental Impact Programs

At Badges and Medals, we’re committed to meaningful actions to protect our world through sustainability and ethical trade. Making it simple for organisations and businesses to meet their sustainability objectives when procuring awards hardware, by giving back and offsetting carbon footprint in a way that has both immediate and long-term impact on our Environment. 

  • An industry leading sustainability impact program with marketing assets provided to each event

  • Clearly documented ethical policy, with internationally recognised SEDEX and BSCI approvals

Directly supporting plastic-waste collection communities in vulnerable coastal areas, Badges and Medals work with Plastic Bank to guarantee that for every medal supplied will to help stop 2 plastic bottles from reaching the ocean. Direct, meaningful action to protect our most precious resource that we all share.

“For every medal sold we prevent two plastic bottles from entering the ocean”

A non-profit environmental charity, One Tree Planted is on a mission of global reforestation to offset carbon and rebuild natural canopy ecosystems. You can take pride in rebuilding a greener future with our commitment that for every 100 medals provided, one tree is planted in the Pacific area. 

“For every 100 medals supplied, one tree is planted for  greener future.”

Our shipping provider Explorate helps us achieve our sustainability goals with tracking carbon emissions to equivalent carbon credits in real time, using the accredited Cloverly platform. 

The Carbon Emissions Calculator gives full visibility of the CO2 emissions of each individual shipment along with a Carbon Offset Certificate. This gives access to the associated carbon credit project to see how the Explorate Carbon Offset program is helping to make a real difference for people and the planet with reforestation & biodiversity schemes.

“Every shipment by Sea or Air is carbon offset using the Cloverly platform.”